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1. Q: Is the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid suitable for the tranches?
A: Yes, it is. Either people or cars on it, it always can bear weight. So far, none of our users responds any problem about our product to us.

2. Q: Is the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid only used for ditch?
A: Of course not. It can be used in many ways. After the process of HDG(Hot-dip galvanization), we also use the anti-slip coating on its surface. Because the paint is has the weak acid resistance, the weak alkaline resistance, salt spray resistance and other chemical advantages itself. Therefore, our product can be used in many ways, like the bottom of the livestock in the partition, the sewage treatment tank of the operating channel, high-altitude trails, high-altitude eagle planes, plant compartment, operating platform, staircase pedal, high-altitude flyover, trail, and so on.

3. Q: Does the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid have only one rustproof paint?
A: No, it has at least 2 layers of rustproof paint.

4. Q: Is the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid easy to steal?
A: No! unless the theft use tools to destroy.

5. Q: What is the greatest feature of the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid?
A: Totally non-slip, especially on the wet surface of substances in rainy day. More wet, More stronger.

6. Q: Is the anti-slip coating on the surface easy to peel off?
A: No, it is not. Which can be seen from the adhesion test. It has assumed in 3 conditions: dry, wet and boiling water. Under the these conditions, the coating is not peeling off. If the surface is scratched by sharp objects, it also has a scratch, but it will not peel off from the scratch definitely.

7. Q:So many models of the color-coating anti-slip drainage lid, how to choose one which meets my requirement the most?
A: It is according the actual wide of the ditch to select. If you need the customization, we also can customize the model by your requirement.

8. Q: The holes of the cover are too small. Will that affect its function of draining?
A: No, it will not. Actually, we make the cover with small holes to solute the problem of deposit which is the main cause of the bad function of draining.

9. Q:Can I choose the color I want?
A: Yes! We can do that by the color chips you provide. But since it is customized, you may have to order a quantity of it at once. If you just need a small number of it, we also provide a few kinds of color of this product for select.

10. Q:How long will it take to paint your anti-slip agent on the floor in bathroom?
A:It accords to how big is the square of your bath room. Generally, it takes about 1~2 hours at once.(Including clean up.)

11. Q: Are the anti-slip agent or paint suitable all kinds of material and places?
A: The anti-slip agent can be used on any kind of material, except woods, glass, plastic, blankets and carpets. The anti-slip paint can be used on almost all kinds of material, except carpets. Generally, the agent is more suitable for indoor, the paint is more suitable for outdoor.

12. Q: Is your anti-slip agent dysgenic or it made of dysgenic material?
A:No, either our products or the materials of its are harmless and no TVOC. Besides, it is also environment friendly and confirmed to many kinds of international standard tests.

13. Q:If I want to know more about your products, what should I do?
A: You can e-mail us about your questions to a562988@yahoo.com.tw , or call us by the following number:+886-2-2595-5289 directly.

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