Business Operational Concepts

The Ultra-μ high-tech non-slip products, the best professional technology, the sincerest service group and the best after sales services are the concepts of our business operation. We are a practitioner of technology and human nature.

Target and Vision

We provide perfect and excellent services according to the client’s demands with trustworthiness, professionalism, quality and services as our principles and spirit.

We firmly believe that technology always comes from human nature and we provide and promote our products to those in need.

We expand and promote our technical products to public facilities to protect human safety, benefits and rights.

Dr. P brand promotes
high-quility with 4 P ideas:

1. Prevention:
Popularize the anti-slip idea
Prevention is better than cure
Professional precautionary measures
Offer safe qualities

2. Professional:
Professional service
Serve diligently based on speciality

3. People:
Humanized demand / People first
Conform to the humanized demand
Satisfy the safe and beautiful two-sided demand

4. Promise:
Social security / Offer society promise
The perfect after-sale service
Security of the products




Name of Product: Solomon Anti-Slip Chemical Liquid – Engineer size
The place of origin: Taiwan
Product appearance:

Feature:Aiming at every kind of stone material dispenses a special quantity,The professional personnel of our company reconnoiters a ground of ping material,then we can carry on dispensation and construction.

Suitable place:Schools; Public place; government apparatus; general company; hospital; rest home so on.

Suitable scope:Tiles; quartz tiles.

Suitable area:toilets; bathroom; swimming pool; sidewalk; SPA area; arcade; hallway; kitchen; lobby; indoor; outdoor.

The product’s ten advantages:
1. Durable slip prevention: The treated floor stands up to pressure washing at high temperature and remains non-slip for approximately 2 years after one treatment under normal usage.
2. Proven safety: Slip prevention effectiveness of this product has been categorized by the ASTM and OSHA as extremely safe. This product is non-toxic.
3. The constant appearance:It will not influence tiles or stone material appearance with original stone material, and not hide dirty have non-slip effect.  
4. To clean easy: The usage doesn't need to maintain after using, with the clean medicament, cleaning result more good.
5. Economy: Each bottle treats 6~7 square meters, the floor area of a typical bathroom.
6. This product matches an American government A.S.T.M ground stone material standard certification and don't produce any side effect or endanger the situation of  the human body.
7. National Quality Guarantee Golden Award Certificate.
8. Different from other anti-slip products :Anti-slip effeteness、cleaning…so on,
9. The security warranty: This product has already insured a product responsibility 20,000,000 dollars, with a warranty book with the product, construction one year behind the warranty.
10. The simple usage: Please follow the instructions usage, 30 minutes the DIY operation is simple.

Name of Product: Solomon Super Stain Remover  Order
The place of origin: Taiwan 
Product appearance:

1. Feature: Don't ignite and human body harmless, no causticity, non-pollution, clean result for unprogressive greasy dirt especially good! The tool is clean and bright after using.

2. Suitable scope: Soot machine, gas stove, do laundry, wall, floor, glass, vapor motorcycle engine, furniture, stereo set, bathroom equipment.

3. Application Instructions: To clean the glass、floor、wash car, please add water 30 times dilution, uses the unprogressive oil stains original liquid.

Remark: Please wear rubber gloves when hand was easily allergic and used with long hours.

Service Contact
Shin Ding Tai Anti-Slip Technology Co., Ltd.
6F.-1, No.7, Sec. 3, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-3-8523231
FAX: +886-3-8521271


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